Sunday, 29 May 2011

A photo shoot with Alea Harris

This is a photo shoot of my sister as a musician for my A Level Photography. My theme was music and I took photos of buskers, fans and gigs.

Mystery Folk Band

Today I went to the legendary Brick Lane with my two sisters, it was a brilliant trip. We went into Vintage stores and explored the market. I love vintage because it’s one of a kind and most of the pieces you will find in vintage shops are totally gorgeous. I took a lot of pictures and i walked past this brilliant folk band that were playing on the street, they were dressed beautifully and their music was just as good as their clothes. Mumford and Sons made Folk music more mainstream last year and we heard them on the radio and saw them on T.V, but nothing compares to hearing good old natural Folk music on a street corner. 

I'm just sad I didn't catch their name.

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