Tuesday, 28 June 2011

My Birthday Wish List

It's my birthday in July and there is a lot that I want and probably won't be able to get. Most of the items are clothes, because I'm a complete clothes junky!! So here's my wish list, emphasis on the 'wish':

These Moto shorts from Topshop are an absolute must have for me. 
Anything with the American flag must be mine!

Nirvana will always have a special place in my heart, and now hopefully my wardrobe!

This dress is so gorgeous! I need for my first night out painting the town red!

Colour blocking!!! Colourful jeans are gorge and in.

These high-waisted jeans are AMA-ZING, I need them now!!

These shoes are so beauuuuutiful, does anyone want to buy me these so I can put them on my lonely feet??

Oh and these bad boys are calling me!!

Can you see how PINK this bag is!! It's so Barbie girl!! Paul's Boutique here I come :D

Dr Martens are my friend, I already have two pairs but they aren't enough to feed my addiction!

This Casio watch is so old school and when it's on my wrist I'll feel complete.

And why is there an IPhone here?? Seriously though, this is the most riDONKulous one on the list.

Donations are very welcome xx

Photos are from Topshop and ASOS.com

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Festival Fashion Guide


Festival season is here, and so is the sun.... and so is the rain.
Britain just can't choose, so when preparing to go camping and partying all day and night on a field, we must be careful.
You don't want to turn up at Glastonbury in a crop top and hot pants without your rain mac to cover you up, when the heavens open up to rain on your fashion parade.
But seriously, you want to look good, what if Beyonce turned up outside your tent begging for you to be her back up dancer, and you have to strut your stuff in a pink velvet tracksuit, because you didn't pack anything stylish.
As if I know, but you need to be prepared. What look do want to go for, what fashion trend will you be shaking yo booty in.

Colour blocking,
Utilitarian Whites,
Tribal Prints,
Mid Calf Hems,

There is so much to choose from this summer in the high street:

So it doesn't matter what festival you're going to this summer, what trend you're rocking, old or new. Just pack a mac, make sure your bag is water proof, because if it gets wet, your clothes do too and you will smell like mildew for the WHOLE weekend - not pleasant. 

All photos are from asos.com and nme.com

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Friday, 10 June 2011

Yay an outfit!

Shirt - New Look, Cardigan - New look, Jeans - Select, Hat - Topshop, Shoes - River Island, Bag - Primark, Bracelets - Topshop, Watch - Vintage.

It took me forever to get ready this morning, I was having a 'fat' and 'ugly' day. I didn't do my hair as I was also having a very bad hair day too. But I pushed through those crazy unwanted feelings and threw on this outfit.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Let's be patriotic

Embrace the flag ! It doesn't matter if you're British, American or any other nationality, flags were designed extremely well. They can be printed on to anything and they will look good (well it better do). It doesn't matter if it isn't your nationality, it's still a brilliant fashion statement and it can be paired with anything.

All images are from asos.com

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

How not to cook a Pizza....

Today my sister decided to put a pizza in the oven for dinner. The recommended cooking time is 10 - 15 mins, but my sister decided to take a nap and left it cooking for an hour and a half!! Luckily it was on a low temperature but it ended up looking like something from outer space!
In a way it looks kinda appetising.... 

Sudocrem - for your face??

Sudocrem is for rashes, sores, cuts and excema but I have just found out it can help clear up the spots on your face!
Sudocrem is traditionally aimed at babies so it's kind to skin, very sensitive and all that jazz.
If you put a thin layer on your face at night time it should help you keep your skin clear. I noticed the difference after a couple of weeks.
Make it apart of your night time beauty regime and keep your face soft, clear and fresh like a babies bottom (but hopefully you wont be looking like a bottom after this).
You can find it at your local Chemist, Boots or Superdrug for around £3!


Monday, 6 June 2011

My June Wish List

This is my Asos wishlist for June, as you an see I'm looking for some bright colours and even more stripes to add to my wardrobe.

All photos belong to asos.com 

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Clothes haul

Denim dress - New Look, Black shirt - Primark, Turquoise shirt - New Look, Rimmel nail varnish - Superdrug, Bag - Primark.

Today I did a bit of shopping in the high street. Normally I prefer internet shopping but I wanted to see what bargains were about on the street.
New Look were having a sale so I rushed straight to it and picked out that lovely denim dress. I'll definitely be taking it on holiday to Barbados with me. The sleeveless turquoise shirt wasn't in the sale but I thought it was beautiful enough to spend my cash on.
I bought some more pink nail varnish as I'm a secret girlie girl. I also decided to experiment with green as I hadn't tried it on my nails before. 
Primark had some good products to offer, like the black shirt and the tan bag. The bag was only £5!! It makes you wonder how much the people were paid to make these types of products. Although Primark talk about how they look after the people who make there clothes, it is very hard to believe them, how much of a profit do they make? The products may not be of a great quality but how much money goes to the workers and how much do the company make in order to make it profitable?

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