Sunday, 7 August 2011

Barbados ♥

So on the 30th June I boarded the Plane heading to sunny Barbados. The journey wasn't too bad but the plane was delayed by about an hour and a half because of the strikes that day. But to be honest I needed that time to get over the possibility of crashing into the Atlantic ocean half way through the flight. When my sister went through the metal detector thingy it went off and they couldn't find what it was. 
: / 
The most terrible thing about the flight was the fact that the sound on our TV's didn't work! I was OUTRAGED! But I kept it to my self and didn't complain even though I should have (I'm too English).
So I watched the Adjustment Bureau in silence, but it looked really good so I'm going to get it on DVD.  
I bought a stack of magazines for the flight including Look and More magazine, it gave me a chance to circle my favourite high street bargains.
After 8 hours we touched down on the island after circling it for 10 minuets which was a nice but stomach churning treat.
My sister and I met our mum at the the Airport and she drove us to our Grandmas house (which is right across the road from the beach). 

My Grandmas house is a nice Barbie pink which is a typical colour for most houses on the island. The law in Barbados is that if you leave your house unpainted you don't have to pay tax, so not everyone does paint them because of the benefits of not doing so. 
Barbados is painted every colour of the rainbow, not just the houses but the shops too. There's a bar on every corner and they are all painted bright colours or have a drinks brand painted on the outside.
Everyone is really friendly too but the staff in every single shop I went into ignore you for about 5 minuets and do everything in slow motion. Even picking up a receipt to give back to took time! I was so shocked, the customer service in England is so much better and I never thought I would say that.

The best thing about Barbados is the beach of course, the sand is gorgeous the water is gorgeous and warm! I went swimming almost every day it was amazing, I wish I was back there now.
I ate a lot! One of the most popular dishes in Barbados is Macaroni Pie!? I didn't expect it either, and the KFC there serves Fish Zinger burgers, which is perfect as I don't eat meat. They should really do it here, it's lovely.
I had lots of Coconut water, Sugar Cane juice and Sour Sap juice too. If you ever go there you have to try all of these, they're delicious.
I wish I'd stayed longer so that I could go to the Crop Over festival so that I could see Rhianna perform :( 
But I enjoyed my stay and I loved seeing my mum which was the important thing about the trip.

My mum got a lovely dog too, his name's Hell Boy :D
I bought a some dresses out there too I'll show them to you soon.

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