Sunday, 16 October 2011

Working Girl

Blouse - Select, Leather Jacket - H&M/DIY, 
Shorts - Topshop/DIY, Watch - Vintage

This week has been pretty hectic! My friend who works in Claire's in Marble Arch managed to get me an interview :D It was on Thursday and after having the interview and then the shop floor trial the job was mine! Straight away! I'm so happy and the staff are so friendly too :) 
The only bad thing about working in central London is the travel cost, it's going to come to about £180 a month!! It's ludicrous I know but to me it's worth it if I get to work somewhere as great as this store. It's massive compared to all the others but it's always completely packed out. Being in London there's a lot of tourists that don't speak English, which can be difficult when you have to approach them.
I'm going to be starting next week and the first day of training is supposed to be quite gruelling so I'm trying to start going to bed earlier. Last night I was in bed by about 1:30 and tonight I'm going to get myself to bed by 12:30. It sounds ever so simple but for me it's a massive task.
I had two DIY projects that I managed to finish this week and here's the result :) I'm very happy with them. My leather jacket did take a while because it was so hard to push the studs through. The shorts took a bit longer because I needed to dip dye bleach them, then wash them, then stud them. I wanted to make them look a bit distressed too so I got out my grater and distressed the crap out of them :)
At the moment I'm stuffing my face with olive's (stinky pleasure) watching X Factor. Didn't it look like they were miming the "Hello" song at the beginning?!! Sami was completely out of time which made me a bit suspicious hmmmm *strokes beard*
My favourite of Saturday night was either Misha B or Sophie Habibis or The Risk or even Rhythmix. It wasn't a very amazing show last night, the song choices were a bit boring. What did you think? Any favourites? 
ALSO who was dressed the best!? Tulisa or Kelly?? I think it was Tulisa, she looked amazing to be honest. And who looked the best out of the acts? I'm stuck between Misha and Sophie.
But what I really wish is that the stylist would stop stuffing the girl with the curly hair in Rhythmix into hareem pants!! They don't look very nice at all!!
I think that Nu Vibe and Frankie were very bad vocally but Nu Vibe were just exceptionally terrible so they deserved to go I think. What do you think? Good decision?

Sunday, 9 October 2011

'Your knees'll start shaking & your fingers pop like a pinch on the neck of Mr. Spock'

Bandanna - Ebay, Top - Primark, Shorts - Select, Jacket - H&M

I've been sat at home laying around all day because I'm ill, I have the worst cough ever! With a headache too! This was my outfit for the the other night, I went to a bar and bumped into my brother!! Oh the embarrassment, it took me a bag of chips and burger sauce to get over the embarrassment of him seeing me a bit tipsy.
If you follow me on Twitter then you'll know who I loved and hated and was just disappointed in on X Factor last night. Misha was outstanding, Craig was amazing, and The Risk were off the chain to be honest. Amelia Lily was great too but just way too over styled! There were too many clashing looks! I think she should have dip dyed her hair pink and kept it long! But she did sound amazing, what do you think of her outfit? 

Johnny Robinson came out on stage looking like a Turkey wrapped in tin foil, That coat was ghastly! Frankie Cocozza looked okay - ish, but they went way over the top with the guy liner. They were trying to make him in to some kind of sexy rock god, but it all went a bit tits up.
Misha looked like a cross between Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. But she made it her own and I loved it, her voice is truly sensational.
Rhythmix were also a bit over styled, it seemed like the stylist was going for 'urban style' but left out the 'style'. There vocals weren't up to scratch either, I feel like they can do a lot better.
Janet Devlin looked lovely, I'm so glad she put on shoes (I hate feet with a passion) but I'm not sure whether I prefer her blonde or ginger. What do you think? 
So we'll see who goes tonight from each category.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Dressing For The Weather

Blouse - Select, Skirt - H&M, Belt - H&M, Watch - Vintage

I've gone for a Spring look today, big florals and nudes.The skirt is one of my favourite items but I just don't wear it often enough. It makes me want to dance, just because it's so floaty, I feel like a ballerina when I spin around. Trust me, I was doing a lot of Pirouettes while I had this on. 
I'm planning on spray bleaching my denim shorts tomorrow...wish me luck it's my first time so *fingers crossed* it goes well.
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