Sunday, 9 October 2011

'Your knees'll start shaking & your fingers pop like a pinch on the neck of Mr. Spock'

Bandanna - Ebay, Top - Primark, Shorts - Select, Jacket - H&M

I've been sat at home laying around all day because I'm ill, I have the worst cough ever! With a headache too! This was my outfit for the the other night, I went to a bar and bumped into my brother!! Oh the embarrassment, it took me a bag of chips and burger sauce to get over the embarrassment of him seeing me a bit tipsy.
If you follow me on Twitter then you'll know who I loved and hated and was just disappointed in on X Factor last night. Misha was outstanding, Craig was amazing, and The Risk were off the chain to be honest. Amelia Lily was great too but just way too over styled! There were too many clashing looks! I think she should have dip dyed her hair pink and kept it long! But she did sound amazing, what do you think of her outfit? 

Johnny Robinson came out on stage looking like a Turkey wrapped in tin foil, That coat was ghastly! Frankie Cocozza looked okay - ish, but they went way over the top with the guy liner. They were trying to make him in to some kind of sexy rock god, but it all went a bit tits up.
Misha looked like a cross between Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. But she made it her own and I loved it, her voice is truly sensational.
Rhythmix were also a bit over styled, it seemed like the stylist was going for 'urban style' but left out the 'style'. There vocals weren't up to scratch either, I feel like they can do a lot better.
Janet Devlin looked lovely, I'm so glad she put on shoes (I hate feet with a passion) but I'm not sure whether I prefer her blonde or ginger. What do you think? 
So we'll see who goes tonight from each category.


  1. Love this outfit sooo much, your style is amaze! The Risk & Craig were my favourites last night & I agree, with pretty much every act I was like 'what on earth were the stylists thinking?!' lol. Following you back sweetie :) x

  2. nice top. Thought the x factor was terrible last night. I liked Sophie but that was about it. Hate Janet's hair ginger don't think it suits her as much as her natural colour did. Wonder who will go tonight! :/

  3. Haha, loving the brother-story. I think chips would help me get over anything 2bh. Definitely in agreement with Frankie Coccoza - he looked awwful! As for Janet, she's my personal fave, but I think they've over-styled her a little...sort of plopped her into a generic 'indie-girl' box and shoved a bit of lace on her. Think she'd make better choices on her own 2bh! x


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