Sunday, 10 July 2011

Two Wounded Birds

I went to see Two Wounded Birds a couple of months ago at Rough Trade, where they were promoting the release of their new single Midnight Wave.

Their Sound: Seaside - Rock
Their Look: Casual, Stylish and Sunny
How good are they? Absolutely Amazing!

I'm not sure that I have ever enjoyed a gig so much! It was very intimate and they were so friendly too, they were talking to everyone who went in to watch them before and after the gig. They blended in with the crowd, so I didn't even realise it was them until they'd walked on to the stage!
Once they'd gotten on stage they were so full of energy. I would have about danced a bit because I was so happy to be there, but it wasn't that kind of gig, so I stuck to bobing my head and tapping my foot.
Afterwards I wanted to go up and say hi, but I was feeling a bit shy.
Since this gig they've been playing at a lot of festivals and are getting the recognition they deserve, so look them up on
You Tube or follow their Twitter, you won't regret it.

Also in other news, Yes I Dress has just posted a new giveaway on her blog :)

All photographs are my own.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Exploding Hot Chocolate

I left my Hot Chocolate in for too long on the first night : /

I'm on holiday in Barbados at the moment making sand castles on the beach :D
Barbados is gorgeous but the heat is almost unbearable!! Unless you can deal with sleeping in 25 degree heat! I certainly can't, but I'll get over it. Also the bugs! Mosquitos and sand flies everywhere, nowhere is safe.
But those all the negatives, i'm trying to save myself from the bugs with repellent. It should work but it dosen't really.
I'm getting a tan and the the sea is gorgeous, warm and blue :) But I need to wear suncream at all times, because the UV rays are high, even in the rain (which is the loudest thing I've ever heard by the way!!)
I'm staying at my Grandma's house because she lives here, and we're right across the road from the sea, BONUS!
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