Sunday, 5 June 2011

Clothes haul

Denim dress - New Look, Black shirt - Primark, Turquoise shirt - New Look, Rimmel nail varnish - Superdrug, Bag - Primark.

Today I did a bit of shopping in the high street. Normally I prefer internet shopping but I wanted to see what bargains were about on the street.
New Look were having a sale so I rushed straight to it and picked out that lovely denim dress. I'll definitely be taking it on holiday to Barbados with me. The sleeveless turquoise shirt wasn't in the sale but I thought it was beautiful enough to spend my cash on.
I bought some more pink nail varnish as I'm a secret girlie girl. I also decided to experiment with green as I hadn't tried it on my nails before. 
Primark had some good products to offer, like the black shirt and the tan bag. The bag was only £5!! It makes you wonder how much the people were paid to make these types of products. Although Primark talk about how they look after the people who make there clothes, it is very hard to believe them, how much of a profit do they make? The products may not be of a great quality but how much money goes to the workers and how much do the company make in order to make it profitable?

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